Find out about Clean 9 Diet, Forever FIT – and an outstanding business opportunity! !

Find out about Clean 9 Diet, Forever FIT – and an outstanding business opportunity! !

Find out about Clean 9 Diet, Forever FIT – and an outstanding business opportunity! !

CLEAN 9 DIET – Be Clean & Lean With Forever FIT!


Forever FITThe Secret of Natural Healthy Weight Management!

Welcome to Clean 9 Diet, where I’ll be demonstrating how successful home-based businesses are being created thanks to the effective (and very popular!) 2-step process provided by Forever Clean 9 and the Forever FIT Programme.

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I’m Pamela and I’ll be telling you about the natural healthy weight management Programme Forever FIT. (You may already know that Clean 9 Diet was TOP of Google’s Top Diet List in 2014).

First, here’s a short video to help you see why Clean 9 Diet generates so much interest and enthusiasm:



Let’s Look At A Few Of The Reasons People Build A Home-Based Business with Forever:


  1. YOU are in control of your career and income
  2. FLEXIBILITY – starting part-time, you can build a full-time income
  3. UNCAPPED (and willable) pension-style income stream
  4. NO JOINING FEE (and no minimum activity level)
  5. CASH-RICH & DEBT-FREE long-established, financially secure Company
  6. 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all products, financed by Forever
  7. GLOBAL FRANCHISE in 150+ countries worldwide
  8. UNIQUE PRODUCT RANGE from world leaders in Aloe Vera
  9. EXCELLENT TRAINING (IIP Gold & Champion Status)
  10. TIME AND FREEDOM – giving you lifestyle choices


There Are, Of Course, Other Ways To Build A Forever Business, Besides The Clean 9 Diet (also known as the Aloe Vera Diet) Way!

Find Out More About The Forever Opportunity With This FREE DVD

It takes just 26-minutes – time that could be incredibly well spent! After watching it, contact me if you have any questions, or if you’d like to register as a Distributor or to buy Clean 9 Cleanse at a 15% discount. (It’s because Forever is known as the Aloe Vera Company that Clean 9 is sometimes described as the Aloe Vera Diet!)



Things I Love Most About This Business (and you might love them too, whether or not you choose the Clean 9 Diet route):

The outstanding support and help given by Forever Living. We are in business for ourselves, but never by ourselves. We all have access to the expert guidance (online and at local, national and international trainings)  of a long established cash-rich, debt-free global company.

Several ready-made websites created by Forever for their distributors – including an international online Aloe Store like MINE (If you just want to buy the Clean 9 pack – or any other product(s) from Forever’s extensive range – simply click the live link, choosing your country from the drop-down menu.)

What do I like best about my Aloe Vera Store?  That’s easy! It is currently in 20+ countries around the world (this number is increasing all the time) – and guess who takes customer orders and payments, parcels up products and dispatches them …

Well, I don’t! All these things are done by Forever – who then give me the profit. Depending on where business owners are on the marketing plan, this ranges between 35-48%.  So Forever has the hassle – I have the income. And the same could happen for you, too!

The freedom to build a business in any (or all) of the 150+  countries where Forever has a presence. Just imagine how free you could feel, building your international Forever business in virtually any country of your choice!

If you’d like this degree of freedom, and if you are self-motivated and self-disciplined – just view the Opportunity DVD and then contact me!

(You’ll see from the DVD that you have plenty of options, along with the Clean 9 Detox option – and that this is a recommendation business above all else. Simply try these special health products yourself and then recommend them. Could there be a better way of living your life and earning an income?)

I look forward to your call and to answering any questions you might have, either about Clean 9 Diet/Aloe Vera Diet and Forever FIT or your potential Forever business.

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Forever F.I.T. Programme

It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.

Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

Forever Living is a member of the Direct Selling Association

I am a Forever Business Owner with Forever Living Products (UK) Ltd, Longbridge Manor, Warwick CV34 6RB