Find out about Clean 9 Diet, Forever FIT – and an outstanding business opportunity! !

Find out about Clean 9 Diet, Forever FIT – and an outstanding business opportunity! !

Find out about Clean 9 Diet, Forever FIT – and an outstanding business opportunity! !

DIET PILLS THAT WORK – How To Choose Your Very Best Options!

My Goal Here Is To Help You Choose Safe Diet Pills That Work For You!

I’ve been researching diet pills that work and am worried by some claims being made. (Scroll to the end for two recommended natural weight loss supplements, one of which is shown in this video.)  I’ve also been alarmed by several side effects documented.


diet pills that work

To give you just one example, here’s the gist of a DAILY MAIL article I found online (there’s a link at its end, which you can click to read the article itself):

In essence, Louise Craig wasn’t asked about her lifestyle or diet when she visited a Falkirk diet clinic. Yet within minutes she left with some appetite-suppressing pills.

Instead of losing pounds, Louise nearly lost her life!

Louise has since admitted she was so desperate to be slim for her holiday that she didn’t really check the dangers of the pills she was given, or the clinic’s credentials.

She says that after years of trying different diets she felt as if she’d been handed a lifeline. After having her height, blood pressure and weight taken, she was given a supply of Ionamin appetite suppressants and told the sole common side-effects were sleep disturbance and a dry mouth.

BUT within hours of taking the first pill Louise was stricken with aching limbs and a heavy head.

Then, after three days, as well as becoming delirious she suffered double vision, palpitations and numbness in her arms and legs. She says when she tried to stand up her legs buckled, on top of which she couldn’t raise her head or open her eyes. Her worried Mum rushed her to hospital, where the doctors assumed she’d been taking recreational drugs.

When given the diet pills packaging, they attached her urgently to a heart monitor. Stabilizing her erratic heart rate took two doses of sedatives.

The medical team said Louise would almost certainly have had a heart attack that night, had her Mum not taken her to hospital.

Just think – Louise had been prescribed the diet pills (amphetamine-based Phentermine, marketed as Duromine and Ionamin) by a qualified doctor! In 2000 the drug was banned in the UK following fears that it could lead to heart disease and because slimming clinics were distributing it without explaining the associated risks.

BUT it was reinstated as a prescription-only drug in 2002!

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More Diet Pills That Work

Other diet pills that work include Alli (orlistat) – over-the-counter-only – a Lipase inhibitor recommended to be taken with a daily multivitamin. Possible side effects of these pills are said to include gas (flatulence), fecal urgency, soft stools and fecal incontinence.

Then there’s Didrex (benzphetamine) – an appetite suppressant that can possibly increase blood pressure and heart rate, insomnia, restlessness and nervousness. There are online warnings that dependence, withdrawal or abuse might occur with long-term use.

Do You Prefer Diet Pills That Work – Or (after reading on) Do You Share My Preference For NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENTS?

When asked about diet pills that work, I tell customers my personal preference is for natural weight-loss supplements rather than diet pills. One I love is Forever Garcinia Plus



Another I can recommend is Forever Lean. These well-balanced capsules, as well as containing valuable fibre from the prickly pear, supply us with proteins from kidney beans plus chromium, the vital trace element. A great thing about this natural product is that taking a capsule immediately before a meal can help you reach (and then maintain) your ideal weight.

forever lean

Diet Pills That Work


Yes, there are diet pills that work, but these two supplements – one of which forms an integral part of the Forever FIT Programme – work far better for me, personally, than any other weight-loss regimes.

And you might like the fact that they come with the Forever unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee!

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