Find out about Clean 9 Diet, Forever FIT – and an outstanding business opportunity! !

Find out about Clean 9 Diet, Forever FIT – and an outstanding business opportunity! !

Find out about Clean 9 Diet, Forever FIT – and an outstanding business opportunity! !

MAKING EXTRA MONEY AT HOME – Do You Want To Earn In Excess of £40K?

Interested In Making Extra Money At Home? Read on!

making extra money at home

Is This How A Forever Home Business Feels?


I promised on my Home Page to show you how Forever Living distributors are making extra money at home via the increasingly popular Clean 9 + Forever F.I.T. Programme process.

Well, it begins with using these products yourself and developing your belief in them. Then, by registering as a distributor, either via Clean 9 or a New Distributor Pack, you’re all set to start earning money at home.

If you choose the Clean 9 option you’ll make yourself a 15% profit by recommending the product – and, through recommending 4 of these packs over a 1-2 month period, you’ll qualify for a ‘pay rise’ to 35%!   

You will, too, move up the Marketing Plan from Distributor to Assistant Supervisor.

You can of course also recommend the F.I.T. Packs, the natural follow-on from Clean 9. By doing so, you’ll reach the 35% level all the sooner – and I could then show you the route to 48% …

But let’s not run before we walk.

If you’d like to register so as to save 15% and get started on making money working at home, just click Clean 9 (after contacting me for my details – which you’ll need for the form-filling).

Earlier on I mentioned a New Distributor Pack. Registering with one of these would give you lots of options (including an immediate promotion to Assistant Supervisor and a 30% discount + 5% bonus) that we could have a chat about. Click About Us and then either ring or email me.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss these wonderful ways of making extra money at home. You never know – controlling your own destiny financially may bring about this feeling (like it did for me):

based business home make money

Or Does Your Forever Business Feel Like  This?

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